Hey fellas, welcome to my blog.
My name is Daniel and I am just a normal IT guy who is interested in InfoSec.
I grew up with computers thanks to my dad, and work in IT since 2003.
My InfoSec-only career started in 2018 as a IT-Security <put cyber wording here>.

I run and maintain this pile of shitposts in my sparetime.
It´s intention is to help me (and probably you) build, deepen and share knowledge regarding a variety of InfoSec topics, whereby the fun should not come too short. So whenever there is a larger topic that I can’t wrap my head around, I try to rebuild the scenarios in my lab, play around, and bring my experience to paper.

If you have any suggestions, think that I am terribly wrong at some point or could improve somewhere - feel free to reach out to me as I am here to learn, too. Every feedback is welcome.

Please enjoy my writeups as much as I do.

If you are more into shorter pieces of info with more recent updates, go follow me on Twitter.

Cheers, Dan.

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